Base Module
The Falcon VoIP PBX is designed to be totally modular, allowing a customer to only purchase those functions needed for today, while allowing a system to be upgraded at any time so as to provide new and improved functions.

The base module consists of a hardware component, the XS35 computer, and a licensed version of the software.
Supplied with a compact DLink 8 port Gigabit switch, which is used to create a separate VoIP network, as well as a connection to your in house data network.

It is assumed that you currently have a Broadband Internet connection to your premises, and a router with at least one available port. An AC mains (110-240) power supply and available socket.
Based on one of the smallest, (9.9" x 6.4" x 1.5") most powerful computers available, our base module is a Shuttle XS35, with 2GB of memory and a solid state drive.

With no moving parts whatsoever, a power consumption that is barely worth mentioning, its noise level is close to zero. The XS35 has an Intel Atom D510 dual-core processor (2x 1.66 GHz) beating at its heart. Because of its completely fanless case layout, it is virtually maintenance-free and noiseless. An external power supply delivers the needed energy, and the unit is normally wall mounted..
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