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Why tie up a staff member to sit all day at your phone system console and act as an operator, redirecting calls?

InTouch Digital introduce a tablet based operator console. Take it with you, take it home if needed!
All calls coming in to the busines, or where a user has pressed '0' for the operator, will ring onto the console. Here a cellular phone like keyboard, shows who is calling and allows the call to be answered and a conversation occurs, the console then allows you to transfer the call just by touching a phone icon on the screen.
Emergency Use
Should an emergency, like a snow storm or a hurricane occur, and prevent you or your staff from getting into your office, the Console provides full service for your phone calls. The console continues to operate just as if it were in your office, and provide all telephone functions that are needed.
Other systems require an expensive backup system in place to provide the kind of service that InTouch Digital provide for free.